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the story i’m telling myself is…

The story I’m telling myself is…

I can’t help anyone
I fail at everything
I’m not smart enough
I’m a fraud
I’m too old
I need to do more
I mess up everything
I made you mad because of something I said
I’ll never be that beautiful
I’ll never be successful
I’m a bad mom
I suck at writing
I shouldn’t even try
And the endless list goes on forever…

I learned the technique of “asking the story I was telling myself” from Brene Brown and her Netflix special The Call to Courage. She uses this technique when her and her husband are at odds and working something out. They say it out loud to each other to help them reconcile and to hear the crazy stories they are making up in their heads.

Reshma Saujani talks about a similar technique in her book Brave, Not Perfect. She talks about rewriting your narrative and retelling the story your telling yourself in a different, more positive way.

Most of the time the stories in my head are lies rooted in fear and insecurities. When I can consciously say them I realize just how crazy they sound. By rewriting them I can get myself into a more positive place and move forward with confidence.

It takes practice but working on the story in your head is so important! It’s helped me so much with confidence to create the life I want for myself. What crazy stories do you tell yourself?! Write them down, cross them out, and then write them again with compassion for yourself! Love you friends! ❤️

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