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tree without roots

tiffani massa

My therapist tells me all the time that I’m trying to be a Tree without the Roots. 🌱

By roots – she means I need a good network of my own people. My own friends, family, support groups, work friends – any and all of the above. Especially blood family because in knowing your family you see where you come from and why you are who you are.

I think in my case this is challenging for me because I’ve lost both of my parents. Of course I have my amazingly supportive step mom but I’m sure she’d like it if I had other people to call every now and then, haha! (Srsly how many of you call your mom way too much! 🙈) Also since I work at home I’m not out of the house enough to meet new people.

I think I’ve been turning to my Online community for connection and support – which is great but getting likes and hearts isn’t the same as real life connection. As they say in Ready Player One “Reality is Real.” That’s the world we live in however, most connection these days is made online. Especially for moms that stay at home. 🙋🏼‍♀️

I’m going to make a strong effort this summer to grow connections and roots with actual face to face people. My plan is to schedule time with my extended family, either by trips or by phone, schedule time with girlfriends in person, finally find a church we can join and attend a small group, and look for ways to connect through charity work supporting the cause I’m passionate about – helping women.

Time for this tree to create roots! 🌳What are ways you stay connected to your roots?

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