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all she wants to do is dance

tiffani massa

I’ve been trying to find a workout I love for months – I’ve tried yoga, the elliptical machine, and Pure Barre. But the truth is all I really want to do is dance 💃🏼

Remember that song from the eighties, “all she wants to do is dance,” yeah that’s me 💃🏼🎶

I started dancing when I was three and then danced through high school and my first year of college. I was even a dance major and planned to be a dance teacher when I grew up. But then life started for me at age 20 and I gave it up.

I was listening to Super Soul  with Oprah and David Brooks yesterday and they said if you want to know what’s missing in your life think back to all of your most favorite moments and then connect the dots.

When I did that writing was there but so was dance. I immediately searched for Adult Dance classes, found Diva Dance and took myself to my first dance class in 18 years. I was nervous but I loved it!!

Diva Dance is such a great program and I really love how they value community, check them out! They’re also opening in Dallas friends!

So who is going to my next dance class with me?

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