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run towards your fear

run towards your fear

It took me a long time to realize that all the things I was afraid of doing were the exact things that were holding me back.

I always believed that if I was afraid of something I could just go around it, or not do it, or it just wasn’t for me.

For example, I’m afraid of math and I’ve been able to go around it most of my life, LOL 😝 No, but seriously, once I decided to run towards my fear instead of avoiding it, I was able to break through barrier after barrier.

One of the biggest fears that I had to face was after I wrote my novel. As I got closer to finishing it, the idea of actually publishing it and putting my work into the world terrified me! I was so scared that I almost locked my finished novel, that I’d worked on for two years, safely into my desk drawer.

I had to make a decision to run towards my fear of showing the world my work, to put it out there and not hold anything back, or to lock it away and avoid the problem all together.

I think you know what decision I made, but it wasn’t easy. I faced my fear and published my novel and it was one of the hardest, but best things I’ve ever done.

When I did this I broke through so many personal barriers that had been holding me back for years. Years and years and years! It’s such a relief to move forward, and now if I’m afraid of something I don’t avoid it, or go around it, I charge at it, breaking down the wall, and discovering my potential on the other side.

So whatever it is that you’re afraid of, trying charging at it with everything you have. It’s not easy and the fear doesn’t ever go completely away, but each time you charge at it you get stronger and stronger.

Put yourself out there. Have those tough conversations. Show people your work. Tell people about your business. Go for that dream job. Whatever it is, just try it!

I’m with you, and I know you can do it!! I know how great it will feel on the other side!

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