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don’t give up because you slipped up

don't give up

Your life doesn’t have to be based on your mistakes or your wrong choices.

We’re all human and we’re going to mess up even though we know better – sometimes over and over again – but your ability to get back up and keep trying, despite being knocked down, is what’s going to get you where you want to go. Every time you get back up you get stronger.

Maybe you cheated on your diet over Spring Break, or skipped your workouts, or drank too much wine, or forgot to hydrate, or got frustrated with your kids, or even all of the above! It’s okay!

Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t get trapped in a shame storm. Don’t lose hope and don’t get discouraged.

Give yourself some grace and know that tomorrow is another day to start again. Keep trying, over and over, and don’t give up because you slipped up. I’m with you, let’s keep going!

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