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“The time is going to pass anyway.”


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“The time is going to pass anyway.”

I was listening to Amy Porterfield’s podcast interview with Rachel Hollis, and Rachel had such a good point that wrapped up what I’ve been thinking ALL week. “The time is going to pass anyway.” I had my one year therapy appointment yesterday and my therapist asked me if maybe I just needed to come now on an “as needed” basis, as in, not schedule another appointment. Y’all, can I tell you how good that feels?! For her to recognize that I don’t need to come back — it’s incredible given the state I was in just ONE short year ago.

It made me look back at my year and my time and see what I’ve been spending it on. I decided a year ago I was going to change for the better no matter what that took or what that looked like. I figured I might as well work on change because obviously my current path just wasn’t working anymore.

My Dad passed away 2 years ago from cancer at the young age of 55. He always said he wanted to die young, that he didn’t want to grow old…Until he was dying…then everything changed. Then he WANTED to get old. He WANTED to make health changes. He WANTED to be better and live his life. But it was too late.

The time is going to pass anyway…how do you want to spend it? How do you want to show up?

Do you want to use your gift of time to work on your dreams? To work on becoming the best version of yourself? You might as well! What do you have to lose?

Don’t waste another minute on the What If’s of your heart. Start now and live your best life. Time is going to pass anyway. Make it count friends, because I love you SO MUCH, and we deserve it.

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