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approval vs. support

seek support

Let’s not confuse approval with support friends…

When you have a big crazy dream for your life, it’s easy to seek approval from your friends and family as validation for your goals. When they don’t understand, or approve of your idea, it’s easy to get discouraged and even give up.

Instead of seeking approval or permission, only seek support! You do not need anyone’s validation of YOUR dreams! Your dream or goal is important because YOU are important.

Instead, seek support for your dreams and goals. Support may look like encouragement, or healthy feedback. It may look like your spouse or Mom helping you with the kids Saturday morning so you can workout or write.

Support will mean more to you than approval ever will. The people that supported me while I was writing my book made my heart explode, even though they may not have approved or even understood my crazy ideas.

Whatever your dreams and goals are give YOURSELF approval and chase them with your whole heart. Those who love you will support you, and if they don’t then they’re just jerks anyway. 😝 who’s with me?? 👊🏻

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