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I’ve made a lot of changes to my social media feed this past year…not only to what I post, but more importantly what I follow!

For a long time I would scroll Instagram and Facebook and feel defeated, or not good enough. I was taking in too many images that made me feel worse about myself. Why do that??

A while ago I decided that I was going to use social media as a place only for positivity. If I scrolled past anything that made me feel bad, I immediately unfollowed that feed. Even feeds I’ve been following for years, which was hard, but I unfollowed anyway.

Then I went on the hunt for positive people to ADD to my feed. I added people such as @msrachelhollis @brendonburchard @edmylett @trentshelton @johncmaxwell and any other positive person I come across.

Now when I need motivation or a pick me up, all I do is open up my Instagram or Facebook and I get recharged. It’s great!! I’ve added so much positivity to my life this way!

If you need some positivity in your life, try adding this through your social media, or podcasts, or videos. Unfollow the negativity and be aware of it sneaking in.

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