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~GIVEAWAY~ Leadershift by John C. Maxwell


Friends!! I cannot express to you how much I LOVED Leadershift by John C. Maxwell. If you follow me on my social media, you’ve probably seen me quote this book for a couple of weeks now. That’s because pretty much everything in this book is PURE GOLD.

Leadershift has such incredible insight. It’s a true gift to any of us trying to become a better person and a better leader.

Now, you may think leadership is just for people in business, such as a manager of a team or corporate executive, but I’m going to argue that is so not true!

Anyone can step up and be a leader and make real positive change.

If you’re a parent, you’re a leader. If you’re in a family, you’re a leader. If you have friends, you’re a leader.

In Leadershift, John Maxwell lays out eleven key shifts you can make in your life to start living as an extraordinary leader today.

I know the lessons I learned in this book are so valuable and I really hope that you read it and share it with your friends as well.

Here is the synopsis from Amazon:

Internationally recognized leadership expert John C. Maxwell teaches readers how to shift their leadership to keep innovating, improving, and influencing others in today’s fast-paced world.

Change is so rapid today that leaders must do much more than stay the course to be successful. If they aren’t nimble and ready to adapt, they won’t survive. The key is to learn how to leadershift.

In Leadershift, John C. Maxwell helps leaders gain the ability and willingness to make leadership changes that will positively enhance their organizational and personal growth. He does this by sharing the eleven shifts he made over the course of his long and successful leadership career. Each shift changed his trajectory and set him up for new and exciting achievements, ultimately strengthening and sustaining his leadership abilities and making him the admired leadership expert he is today.

Among those leadershifts are the Adaptive Shift from Plan A to Option A, the Production Shift from Ladder Climbing to Ladder Building, and the Influence Shift from Positional Authority to Moral Authority. Maxwell gives specific guidance to readers about how to make these shifts in their own lives. Each one requires them to change the way they think, act, and ultimately lead so they can be successful in a world that never remains the same.


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I listened to the audio version of this book, and I was so surprised to find two hours of bonus content at the end from John Maxwell’s Leadershift conference. He has three speakers from his conference at the end of the audio book including Rachel Hollis, Trent Shelton, and the CEO of Delta, Ed Bastian. Its amazing and was such a treat to listen to!

I would love for all of my friends to read this book so I’m hosting a giveaway of the hard copy to give you a chance to read it for free. Please share this opportunity with your friends!!


Go to my Instagram @tiffanimassa and look for the post featuring the picture above. All you need to do is follow my Instagram @tiffanimassa + TAG TWO friends that would like a chance to win this giveaway.

I will announce the winner on Saturday 3/9/2019.

Good luck!!

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