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on self sabotage

Why is it, that even in our wins, self doubt will inevitably find us? Why do we self sabotage just when things start to go great??

Y’all know I’ve been working hard, I’m trying to achieve big goals and dreams, but just when things are starting to fall together and my forward momentum to success is right in front of me — I stop. Every. Time.

The self doubt starts setting in. I start questioning my value, my abilities, my worth. Here I am in front of what I’ve been working for, and I then I freeze!

Scared. To. Death.

I start saying things like, “I’m not good enough. I’m going to fail. This is going to be too hard.” And then I’ll even throw in some bad habits to make sure I prove myself right.

Who else does this?? I’m so thankful that this time I started to self sabotage I had resources to help me figure out what I was doing. I turned on Brendon Burchard Podcast The Brendon Show and guess what he was talking about THAT SAME DAY?? Self sabotage.

He said this, “It’s the question in momentum that makes you stop, that is really self sabotage.” “It’s the question when things are going good…”

Yes! Why do we do that?? Why do I do that??

Do you know what he said that can cure self sabotage? By saying this to yourself, “I believe in my ability to figure things out.”

I know it’s scary to get started but I know sometimes it’s even scarier to keep going. Especially as a Mom who has other responsibilities on her plate. Success means change. Success means asking for more help. Success means you might fail.

Let’s trust ourselves and our paths enough to keep going. Trust our ability to figure things out and keep moving forward. We didn’t come all this way to stop and self sabotage. We didn’t do all this work not to see this through!

I’m with you!! I’m going to get back on track and keep going. Let’s do it together! Who is with me?

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