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because sometimes wisdom is hard to hear


“Because sometimes, wisdom is hard to hear.” — Ann Swindell

I just started using the First Five App this week (thanks to my BFF for recommending it!) and one of the first lessons was on receiving God’s wisdom.

Ann Swindell does an amazing job in this lesson and helped me to see criticism in a new way, as a GIFT.

See, I don’t like being told what to do, and even more so, I don’t like being told I’m not doing something right.

Nope! Notta! I’m not wrong and I’m doing it MY way!

Recently, this same BFF gave me some wisdom — she politely told me that I needed to think about doing my YouTube videos a different way. Like maybe not stand in front of my television while recording. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I knew she was right, but her suggestion stung. I wanted to get defensive and explain why MY way was right.

Instead, I swallowed the advice and mulled it over for a while. I twisted it and turned it and thought about it.

Later that night I was with my son Alex and he was watching a YouTube channel where the gamer was in the corner of the screen and the game he was playing was full screen.

I asked him, “Alex could you teach me to do that for my videos?” OMG he got so excited! “Yes mom!”

We ran to my computer, and in 20 mins he had taught me a whole new way to create my videos. He set it all up for me, the whole time teaching me and encouraging me. I had no idea he could do all that!

I created my video the next day, fumbling, but learning, and I know this is the way I’ll make all my videos moving forward. I smiled the whole time I looked at Alex’s cheat sheet he made for me.

I posted my video yesterday, and received a comment not too long afterward from Alex. It said, “Way to go Mom, you did it.” ❤️

Because I chose to take God’s wisdom as a Gift shared from my best friend, instead of what I would usually do and let the sting mute the words, I not only shared an amazing moment with my son, but I learned a new skill I can use in so many amazing ways to help people.

So I challenge you friends to take those words that are hard to hear and think of them as a GIFT. Mute the sting, hold up your head, and let’s keep learning.

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