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what you focus on expands


Have you ever noticed this?

I remember when I was young all I wanted was a silver car. I dreamed of driving a silver car, I just loved them, and I saw them everywhere on the road. Everywhere I went with my parents I would spot every silver car. I thought everyone only drove silver cars because I saw them all the time!

Eventually I grew up and didn’t get a silver car, and forgot I even wanted one…and I don’t see any silver cars on the road now. Like ever. Like, do they make silver cars anymore?

John C. Maxwell says this in his new book Leadershift, “What you focus on expands.” This is so true! Lately I’ve been focusing on growth and positivity, and it’s expanding tremendously in my life, I can’t even believe it!

You can attract what you focus on. You’re in control of your thoughts, and what you think about you see. So, what do you want to focus on? Growth? Change? Silver cars?? Maybe we should all focus on ice cream? Let me know…have you seen this happen for you? In what ways?

Also I’m reading LeadershiftJohn C. Maxwell’s brand new book and y’all!!! — you have to read this!! I just ordered it to giveaway soon, so stay tuned!

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