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consistency compounds

I listened to the Rise Podcast with Rachel Hollis today and she interviewed the one and only John C. Maxwell who I absolutely love and admire.

It was so good y’all!! I’m sharing the episode details over in my stories. I had so many takeaways – pretty much everything John C. Maxwell says is pure gold – completely life changing and inspiring.

My biggest takeaway from the podcast was when him and Rachel talked about how “Consistency Compounds.”

John explains that when you consistently make the right choices, they compound and allow extraordinary growth. You have to choose the right choice consistently EVERY TIME, knowing you are planning for your future growth and future self.

This might not always be the easiest choice, but if you know it’s the RIGHT one, then you need to make it.

Truthfully I’ve been struggling with this myself, probably since the Holidays. I’ve been making bad choices such as eating the wrong foods, having a drink here and there, and not resting like I should. 🤦🏼‍♀️ While I’ve been making progress on my goals, I haven’t been taking care of my body and you know what?! — Today I totally crashed. Around 10:00 am I got to a point I couldn’t even lift my head up. My system is completely messed up – my thyroid, my blood sugar, my hormones, everything. Ugh!

I’ve been consistently making poor choices instead of the right ones and now I’m paying for it mentally and physically.

Listening to this podcast today reminded me that in order to get back on track I need to make the RIGHT choice EVERY time.

I started today – I took time for myself to take a nap, ate healthy all day, and got myself organized.

I know I can move forward now, one day at a time, and I’m excited to live each day watching my good choices consistently compound for the better. 💪🏻

If you have time y’all listen to the Rise Podcast with Rachel Hollis and John C. Maxwell and let me know your takeaway. Have you seen the benefits of your choices consistently compounding? It’s easy to get off track but let’s get back on track together, I’m with you! Ya with me??❤️😘

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