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how to write a good book – first write a bad one

Silent All These Years by T. A. Massa

Do you want to know how to write a good book?? First — you have to write a really crappy one.

Yep! Write a really really BAD book. Don’t even care how horribly bad this book is. Just write anyway. Don’t even use punctuation! Don’t even use big words! Don’t even care about impressing anyone.

Just write. Just start. You need that really crappy book as a starting point. That’s your launching pad to becoming a great book.

This doesn’t just apply to books. If you’re scared to get started because you’re worried you’re going to suck, then let me tell you something — YES you’re going to suck! Nobody starts something and is magically amazing the first try. You need to be really bad at first to create your base, to create something to launch from.

I promise once you write that bad first draft, you’ll immediately know how to make it better. Then you’ll get a little better the second time around. Then better, and better, and then you’ll look up and have a really great book!

So embrace that you’re going to write a bad book, and JUST START. Embrace that your first morning workout will not be featured on the next How-To fitness blog. Embrace that your first Website might be missing all the important things. Just start. Move forward.

I’m with you friends! If I can record a YouTube video that sucks as bad as the one I just published yesterday, I promise you can start that thing. Let’s do this! 👊🏻❤️

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