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a road-map to living your best life

You know that voice in your head? Not the one that’s mean, but the other one that’s crazy. 🤪 The one that says things like “you should start exercising,” or “you should open an interior design business,” or in my case, “you should write a book.”

Yes, THAT voice. Guess what?? That voice is YOU! It’s your best self trying to get past the noise. It’s your best self trying to fight through other people’s opinions. It’s your best self wishing you’d give it a chance instead of telling it to be quiet.🤐

If you’re looking for a road-map to living your best life – just close your eyes, drown out the noise, and listen to the person who knows you best — YOURSELF. Trust yourself. Show YOU as much love as you show everyone else. I promise she won’t lead you in the wrong direction. I promise you can trust her. You already know what to do! I’m with you, let’s do it together! ❤️

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