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Gifting the Family Photo

Family Photo Gift Ideas

We got family photos done this year for the first time in FIVE years. My extended family is super excited to get some updated photos of us to have in their houses. I always feel weird giving people pictures of us for a gift, LOL. Even though I know they will love them (like my Mom is super excited!), I still feel funny saying, “Guess what your gift is, a picture of ME!” LOL!

To spruce up the Family Photo Gift this year, I decided to add some fun extra things to make the photo a little more exciting.

I bought some great coffee mugs that were 50% off at Hobby Lobby, some LED Holiday candles from At Home, some photo frames that were also 50% off at Hobby Lobby, and some Holiday plants they can use as decoration in their homes or work space. I also decided to use gift boxes instead of sacks because the gift boxes are much more durable for transporting items. We travel during the Holidays and I want to be sure my gifts arrive with no holes or wrinkles. When I use gift sacks they always look horrible by the time I arrive. If you need some gift boxes try At Home! They have a TON of all sizes and they are all 50% off. They also cost about as much as a gift sack.

For the first two gift boxes I went with a Let It Snow theme to match the coffee cup. I found this perfect Let It Snow box, a snowing candle, and some greenery with some frosted leaves. I also bought a frosted white sprig from At Home to add some more texture to the box. For the photo frame, I wrapped it in a coordinating silver shimmery snow flake paper to match the theme.

These two boxes came together nicely! I added a Snowman Gift Tag to bring it all together. I’m only transporting these boxes a few miles, so I’m going to leave the lids off and present them open with the gifts sticking out.

For the other three photos I decided to do a Santa Clause theme to match the Santa Clause coffee mugs.

I found some cute Ho Ho Ho Santa boxes at At Home that were 50% off, a red and white coordinating LED candle, and a red sprig to add texture. The cute little Holiday succulents were at Walgreens for $5.00. I wrapped the 4×6 photo frame in some coordinating Ho Ho Ho wrapping paper.

Everything paired great and came together nicely! These boxes are a little bigger. I have to travel with these about three hours, so I wanted boxes that I could close the lid. I packed everything in and was able to close the lids and keep the cuteness in tact.

Besides gifting the 4×6 photo in the frame, I also included three wallet size photos of each of the kids. For these, I used some Holiday magnetic clips to hold the photos together, and then I placed them securely in the coffee mugs or down inside the gift box. So fun! And they can use the magnetic clips for the house or work space for decoration.


I had so much fun making these gift boxes and I know our family is going to love them. Not only are they getting photos of us, LOL, but they are also getting some fun Holiday decorations, a coffee mug, and a gift box that can all be reused in other ways.

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