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Alex and Ani Path of Life

I’m learning that simple daily reminders can be instrumental in keeping me on track with my goals. I’m practicing this by writing down everything from my life dreams to new daily habits like drinking enough water. Writing it down reminds me of what I’m working toward and then I can plan my time intentionally for my day.

Recently I stopped inside an Alex and Ani store for the very first time and realized their jewelry was designed for just that – a daily reminder. A reminder of where you’ve been and where you are going.

The super sweet sales lady said, “It’s nice to wear this jewelry and put out into the universe what your hopes and dreams are, and who you’re working on becoming.” How perfect!

I chose the symbol called The Path Of  Life which stands for Strength, Knowledge, and Motivation.

Here is the Alex and Ani definition: Emblematic of life’s zenith and nadir moments, the PATH OF LIFE is representative of an infinite number of possibilities and expressions of love. Illustrating life’s twists, turns, and unexpected winds, wear the PATH OF LIFE Charm to proudly celebrate your own willingness to travel towards life’s fruitful moments. 

Wearing this bracelet everyday reminds me of the path I came from and the path I’m moving forward on. It reminds me that the road is going to be crooked and not look like what I have planned. It’s going to twist and turn and create something beautiful in the end. It reminds me to be strong and have courage on my path. To seek knowledge in every area that I want to grow. To stay motivated in the pursuit of my dream to live an exceptional life.

Do any of y’all wear Alex and Ani? Visit the Website here to see more of their jewelry. They have everything from necklaces, to bangle bracelets, rings, and even your favorite Harry Potter collections or sports teams.  See below some of the options!


What are your daily reminders? What practices do you do each day to remind you of what is important to your soul?  Let me know in the comments below!

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