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staying on track through the holiday’s

It never fails…the Holiday’s come quick and furious and I end up putting all of my goals on the back-burner. I’ve been blogging and writing for three years now, and if you look back at my productivity, it pretty much disappears over the Holiday’s.

As a Mom, my to-do list doubles, even triples, during this time of year. I have to redecorate my entire house, buy gifts for everyone I know PLUS wrap them, attend numerous events with the kids, get us all a new Holiday wardrobe, take family pictures, order Christmas cards, mail out those Christmas cards…I mean, seriously?!

There is A LOT more to do around the Holiday’s.

It’s easy to see why my productivity on writing and blogging goes way way down. The problem? I don’t want to put my dreams, or my goals, on hold again and again. I am tired of starting something, giving up, and being discouraged. I am tired of never achieving what I set out to do.

If I am committed to these dreams, Holiday’s or no Holiday’s, I HAVE to find a way to stay consistent.

So this year…THIS year I am finally changing things up. For the next month, I have accepted that if I am going to stay consistent toward my goals, I am going to have to work OVERTIME. Period.

I have to kick my butt into the next gear if I am going to keep up. If I want to have time to write, or exercise, or manage my diet, or get enough rest, or create meaningful blog content – I am going to have to work more.

If I want to come out on the other side of the Holiday’s CLOSER to my goals, not further, I am going to have to work twice as hard through the Holidays. I can’t give up because life is getting in my way. I can’t put my goals to the side and tell them to wait.

Not this time.

I’ve decided to step into overtime mode, but I know it isn’t going to be easy. After brainstorming what this might look like, I’ve decided to take the following steps to help ensure my success:

—I told my husband my plans. I told him I have A LOT to do and that he may see me working on projects at night, or getting up early to write. I told him I am unsure if I can do it all, and that I need him to cheer me on, or maybe step in if he sees me struggling.

—I decided to double up on self care. I am going to make sure I am putting myself to bed at night, I’m eating healthy, I’m drinking water, taking my vitamins, and taking time to rest if I get burnt out.

—I am planning ahead. I have a list of what I need to get done for the Holiday’s, a list for my blog content, a list for my writing projects, a list for my house. I am planning out the month and when I can do what tasks each day and what can be put off until later in the month.

—I am also micro-planning. When I say PLAN, I mean I am writing down things such as drink water, eat breakfast, do yoga, write for an hour, do the laundry, wash my hair, practice daily gratitude – I mean I am writing it ALL down. When I write something down this is a promise I am making to myself. If I don’t get it done the first day, I write it down again. And again. And everyday until I either get it done, or it becomes a new habit. Try it! It really works!

—I’m keeping my head down. This time of year I am very susceptible to comparison crashing. By this I mean I start scrolling the Internet instead of working, and then I start comparing myself to everyone else. This is detrimental to my success. When I start comparing other peoples success to mine, I lose all of my momentum. I know if I am going to be successful I need to keep my head down and do the work.

Let’s stay on track this year friends. Let’s keep our promises to ourselves, even through the Holidays. Let’s get to January 1st already exercising, already drinking enough water, already working on our new book, or whatever your goals may be. How good is that going to feel when we can say we ROCKED the Holidays?? I can’t wait!! Who is with me? How are you going to get there?


  1. I am with you!! I am going to work on not having a LONG list of things to do sorta like a diet. You know the saying .. when on a diet use a small plate … well I am going to use the same concept… which I hope will be less stressful. Love your thoughts, keep em coming!

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