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on staying consistent

On staying consistent

I’ve been struggling this week with staying consistent. This happens to me all the time. I’ll set my goals, get to work, and I’ll start killing it with my writing, my blog, my business — and then bam! Something knocks me off track. A crisis at home, someone gets sick, a problem at the kids school. It can be anything — and suddenly my goals and dreams are put on the back-burner on a low simmer.

And let me tell you — it’s really hard to achieve anything without staying consistent and making it a priority.

But, as I started struggling this week, something was different this time…

See, I recently started getting up early every single morning and writing down my goals, and planning my steps to achieve them.

And you know what?

This time when something happened to throw me off track – I noticed. I noticed I didn’t write anything down. I noticed I wasn’t working on my goals. I noticed I stopped being consistent.

This is HUGE!

How often do we NOTICE that we are off track? It’ll be a week later and we will think, “Oh yeah wasn’t I starting an Interior Design business? What happened to that?”

This time I noticed that I was off track because I wasn’t writing it down, and it bothered me.

It bothered me so much that I made a decision.

I’m accepting that my dreams and my goals and my gifts are WHO I AM. They are given to me by my Creator. They are not something I can cast aside, and if I do I’m going to be miserable and full of anxiety.

I’m going to take care of whatever crisis is happening and then I’m going to get back to work! I’m not going to give up again and again. I’m going to ask for help. I’m going to declare my dreams are important. I’m going to declare my self-care is necessary. I’m going to stand up right now and set the expectation that I want this. That I’m doing this. No one but me is going to give me permission. No one but me is going to care about my dreams more than I do right now.

And I’m sharing this with you because I see this happen not only to me, but to so many of my friends. They start businesses or ideas all the time — Interior Design, selling a product, going to back to nursing school, a workout schedule, writing a book…and slowly but surely they stop. They give it up, because as Moms, our priorities are never about ourselves.

Moms are the first people to cast aside their dreams and their goals for everyone else. Even their self care is put aside (like that workout or that bubble bath). And IF you DO take the time to workout, you FEEL GUILTY ABOUT IT!

My friends are always saying they are going to wait until a different season and try again. Maybe when the kids go back to school it’ll be easier. But listen up sister — you will still be expected to put it all down, to walk away, to put your dreams on the back-burner no matter how old your kids are.

We are made for more and these callings on our hearts are made for us to do!

Listen to yourself.

Make yourself a priority. Write down your goals every morning, and pay attention if you get off track. Notice it! I’m with you and I’ll help you stay consistent, and I only ask that you help me too! We can do this together. Now I need to go because I wrote a lot of things down to do this morning and I need to get back to work 😉

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