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self care and storms

Talking about storms and self care in my Instagram story this morning @tiffanimassa

Honestly eight months ago I didn’t even know what self care was. I had never heard of it. It was a practice that was completely new to me.

I’m so grateful I learned what self care means and what it looks like. This week I found myself in a perfect storm, and without self care I know I would not make it through.

Instead of turning to old coping mechanisms like wine, this week I’m doubling down on self care. For me this looks like: eating, drinking water, getting lots of rest, watching movies, reading, listening to podcasts, asking for help from my husband, asking for support from my friends, leaning into my emotions, seeing my therapist, getting a manicure, praying, and most importantly, stopping and doing whatever it is I need in the moment.

Self care is self love.

self care is self love

Storms are coming, I can guarantee it. Be ready, start preparing now so that when you look up and find yourself in the eye of the storm you are ready.

I can’t tell you enough how grateful I am to be practicing self care this week instead of my old habits. It feels like a miracle. I want this for you friends!

Tell me ways you practice self care. Let’s share our ideas and maybe we can spark some self care in each other or at least make sure our friends know what self care is and what it looks like.

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