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favorites of the month – October 2018

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favorites of the month – October 2018

September is winding down and I cannot believe that it was seventy-four degrees today here in Texas. I am so ready to trade in my flip-flops for my booties and cardigans. I have found some pretty awesome things to tell you about this month, check it out!

Daily Gratitude Journal by Inspire Your Art

These Daily Gratitude Journals by Inspire Your Art are the perfect way to start your day. I have been waking up and practicing this each morning, and it has helped shift my focus in so many amazing ways.

I bought my Daily Gratitude Journal from and I absolutely love the boost of inspiration it gives me every morning. Check out the Inspire Your Art Etsy shop here. I am giving away one of these journals over on my Instagram @tiffanimassa so be sure to enter the Giveaway today! It ends this Friday, 11/2.

Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis released last February 2018. Since then, at least twenty people have told me to read it. Over and over again, friends would tell me to read this book. Every time I thought, I don’t need to read it, I already wash my face.


I finally read this amazing little book, and it has opened my eyes and given me the strength and courage to change my life, and be the woman I was meant to be.

Turns out, I was NOT washing my face. I mean, I was close, maybe using a makeup remover wipe, but not really washing it with soap and hot water. I still had leftover mascara under my eyes!

Read more on my original post here, and be sure to check out my Instagram @tiffanimassa to enter this Giveaway. It ends Friday November 2nd, so hurry! Shop for Girl Wash Your Face on Amazon here.

Girl Wash Your Face Giveaway

Native Deodorant

Over the past few years I have tried A LOT of natural deodorants. Why? Mainly because 1 and 8 women will get breast cancer. ONE AND EIGHT! That’s crazy!

I try to minimize my risk of disease by choosing products that are natural and free of harmful chemicals. Especially products I use every day, such as deodorant.

Just a few weeks ago, a dear friend told me about NATIVE Deodorant. She even went as far as to send me samples to my house. I tried it immediately, and was hooked!

This stuff works!! Read more about this awesome product on my original blog post here.


205 Designs

The handmade frames from 205 Designs are absolutely gorgeous! If you haven’t heard of this Etsy shop you have to check it out. The link is here.

About a year ago I needed a certain size frame for a family picture of my Mom and Dad. I looked everywhere unsuccessfully and finally resulted in the endless search of Etsy shops. 205 Designs frames caught my eye immediately. They didn’t have the size I needed either, but Shelly was able to build me a custom frame with no problem.

Read more about these amazing frames on my original blog posts here, and check out 205 Designs on Etsy here. She has a lot of new Home decor products to see!

205 Designs


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