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new favorites – Groove Silicone Rings + a Giveaway

Groove Silicone Ring

Recently I had the privilege of trying out Groove Silicone Rings. I am a big fan of silicone wedding bands. My husband and I both wear them, and let me tell you, they are so comfy! Silicone bands are great to wear while doing anything active. Especially swimming, exercising, caring for small kids, or doing yard work. The best part of silicone rings, you won’t accidentally rip your finger in half if it gets caught on something.

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Not all silicone rings are made the same, and I have learned by trying Groove Silicone Rings, you need to be mindful of which brand you choose! I am seeing silicone rings everywhere these days. Even the local Academy and Walmart are selling them. But these rings are not the best quality, and can stretch out over time, eventually becoming useless. The rings are great when they fit, but if they stretch too much, you might as well throw them away because they won’t stay on your finger. Your silicone ring should feel like it isn’t even on, that’s when you know you have a good brand!

Groove Silicone Rings feel great on your hand! You barley notice you are wearing them. From exercising to washing dishes, you wedding band is no longer an issue. The Groove Silicone Rings are thicker and more durable than the others I have tried. Also, they have a design in the middle that helps keep your finger dry underneath. If you are sweating or swimming, even doing dishes, this is great!

Groove Silicone Rings come in SO MANY colors and designs. They even have your favorite sports team! Really, the designs are perfect for anyone. Check out the Women’s Collection at this link. They have the best COLLECTIONS that I have seen in all of the silicone rings.

See all the COLLECTIONS below:

I ordered the Groove Thin Silicone Ring in Copper and I love the color! I can wear it with silver or gold, and I love the way it looks for FALL.

Groove Silicone Rings

Partnered with Groove Silicone Rings – I am excited to offer a special GIVEAWAY!

I am giving away, to one lucky winner, the Groove Thin Silicone Ring in PEARL. See below!


The lucky winner will be chosen on Friday, October 5th, so hurry and enter. This is a $29.95 value!!

All in all, if you are looking for a silicone band, which you should be!, definitely try Groove Silicone Rings first. And with their no BS Warranty, you can’t lose!

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