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stitch fix for kids

Stitch Fix for Kids

When Stitch Fix announced they were adding a Kids box I was super excited. My daughter, Malori (age 7 going on 16), has the hardest time with shopping for clothes. She is super picky and has her own fashion sense that doesn’t follow any rules. We have a really hard time finding her clothes that she likes, plus clothes that she will actually wear. Just because she likes it, does not mean she will wear it!

Not only that, there are only so many stores in our area that provide options for kids. We frequent Target, Old Navy and Children’s Place for her clothes but they have very limited options.

I am a longtime lover of Stitch Fix for myself, and I knew I just HAD to try this for Malori. I am so glad I did, because SHE loved it and so did I!

The program works the exact same way as it does for adults. You can read more about the process on my original post here. You begin my creating a style profile for your child and choosing some options for what they like or dislike. It is super fast and easy.

The stylist will then style the box and ship it straight to your door. The box that comes is so much fun! It has new colorful tape that makes it look special for your child. Very bright and exciting!

Stitch Fix for Kids

The bright and exciting box only gets more fun when you open it! It is full of colorful pictures, stickers, and even a creative box contest.

Malori and her friend Avery decided to make the birdhouse into a real bird, adding eyes, ears, and wings. It looked so good our dog kept growling at it 🙂 We entered into the Stitch Fix for Kids contest on Instagram. The girls kept saying they were going to win $100 in clothes and share them. Very fun!

NOW for the clothes!

The box comes with more than just five items, like the adults boxes. The Stitch Fix for Kids box came with TEN items that can all mix and match. Malori was so excited to see each piece. She kept saying how different the clothes were from what we normally find in stores. It was great to get some new options to chose from. The box came with the regular style card to help us see each piece.

Malori was very impressed it even had her name on it. She loved that it felt so personal to her.

Stitch Fix for Kids

She tried on everything, without whining or arguing, and it was nice to be in the comfort of our own home instead of rushing at a store dressing room. She could even do cartwheels in the outfits to make sure they fit just right.

All in all, she ended up only keeping three items. (The first two pics above.) I always tell people who ask me about Stitch Fix to be patient with the first couple of boxes. You need to give it a little time for your stylist to get to know you and what you like to see in your boxes.

Even I was surprised by Malori’s selections. The outfits I would’ve picked out for her she wouldn’t have liked. It is so nice to know she will actually wear these clothes and she really feels like herself in them.

We left detailed feedback for Malori’s stylist in the checkout process, so that they know what she likes to see in her boxes. I have already scheduled another box! Malori keeps asking me when it is coming and is excited to check the packages each day to see if her clothes came 😉

We spent a total of $34 at checkout. (Plus our $20 styling fee, so $54 total for a nice shirt, great quality leggings and a stylish dress.) The clothes were very competitively priced.

Stitch Fix for Kids was a great experience and I would highly recommend it. We can’t wait for our next box! For more information download the Stitch Fix app or visit their website at

Who else has tried Stitch Fix for Kids? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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