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new lip care regimen

New Lip Care Regimen

lip care

Forever I have used Chapstick and lip balm and more Chapstick and lip balm and still my lips are always dry, cracked, and driving me crazy. I try so many different ones and NOTHING works.

Forget wearing lipstick, when I add color to my lips all I see is dead skin. So gross! I went on a mission this summer to solve this lip problem once and for all.

What I realized was that using Chapstick and lip balm is only part of the solution. Having beautiful moist lips takes a whole REGIMEN and a lot more than just applying one product.

I started trying products like lip exfoliators and overnight oils, and I also made sure I stuck to a routine each day.

Here is my new Lip Care Routine:

•First, I use a wonderful lip exfoliator scrub. I use a lot of Tarte products, so I went with Tarte Pout Prep Lip Exfoliant. I use this every night when I wash my face and also in the morning when I shower. It works great to take off any dead or peeling skin, plus it moisturizes.

tarte ip scrub

Here is the description from the Tarte Website:

A minty lip scrub & treatment balm made with moisturizing maracuja, shea butter & exfoliating sugar to gently buff away flakes & treat thirsty lips.
Smooths & preps lips for the perfect pre-lipstick application with suspended raw sugar granules that microexfoliate & buff away dead skin so your lips can drink in the goodness – simply buff, rinse, pucker, & repeat! Nourishing maracuja & shea butter sink deeply into your silky-smooth pout to help hydrate, firm & protect lips from future drying, cracking or chapping.

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•Next, I use Now Solutions Coconut Oil every night before I go to sleep. I apply a generous amount on my lips and also my hands and cuticles. This oil locks in moisture all night which is when my lips tend to get the driest.

now solutions coconut oil

Skin & Hair/Revitalizing
Condition: For skin, hair and scalp in need of a conditioning moisturizer
Solution: Natural Coconut Oil is rich in skin-friendly saturated fats, making it perfect for use on all complexions. This unique oil goes on smooth to leave skin feeling silky and refreshed. It also serves as a natural alternative to chemically formulated commercial moisturizers, oils and scalp conditioners
Contains no chemical preservatives or artificial colors. No solvents are used during extraction

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I posted on Instagram a few months ago asking for recommendations on lip care ideas and I got an overwhelming response. It seems I’m not the only one with this problem, and a lot of you have wonderful products to recommend. I tried a lot of them, but my favorite was Lavender Lip Balm by Young Living Essential Oils.

•Lastly, as a part of my regimen I use this Lip Balm daily and especially before I apply any lip color. I LOVE this Lip Balm. It has made such a difference on my lips, and it tastes great!

My wonderful friend Nelita sent me the Lavender Lip Balm by Young Living Essential Oils to try and you can purchase it from her direct, Here is the LINK! 

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Here are the product details from the Young Living Website:

Lavender Lip Balm soothes dry lips, harnessing the power of Lavender essential oil and the moisturizing properties of jojoba oil and vitamin E.

Now that my lips are starting to stay moist and color worthy, I’ve been trying more lip color.


I am not one to use Lip Stains, I tend to use colored balm to help with moisture. My all time favorite is Loreal Pop Balm in Fiery Red.

I recently used this in my headshots (see below) and the color looked beautiful in the photos but it wasn’t so dramatic that I felt like a clown. I tried a lip lacquer and my seven year old daughter had some things to say about it, haha.

So that’s it! My new lip care regimen. So far I have had great results as long as I stick to using my products everyday, which is hard, but the more I get into the routine the easier it is to follow.

What about you? What is your lip care regimen? What products do you love? I am curious to see what you use for exfoliation.

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  1. I’m an Aquaphor junkie. I don’t scrub my lips, but I apply Aquaphor at night and before I eat (a lot of foods seem to irritate my lips). You’ve probably tried it before (or not if you stick to natural products). P.S. Congrats on the novel!!! Xoxo

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