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easy fix for supplement organizing

We take a lot of supplements in our house. Most of them are for preventative care, to build our immune systems, and some are even to naturally treat ADHD symptoms. Mostly things like vitamins, probiotics, allergy pills and drops (just to name a few). Oh and when we get sick, forget about it! Supplement explosion!

I have a medicine cabinet in my kitchen where I store things we don’t use everyday, but for the supplements I want to take on a daily basis, I keep them on my kitchen counter. I’ve tried storing them in the medicine cabinet—but—if they are out of sight, they are definitely out of mind. I need to see them so I remember to take them, especially in the mornings!

The biggest problem I have is that they ALWAYS end up spread all over my kitchen counter (see below).

It’s a mess! They are unorganized and I’m always searching for what I need to grab. This system has gone on for years!

I finally decided to do something about it and starting looking for storage solutions at my local stores —Target, Walmart, Container Store. With no luck I finally turned to Amazon and found this perfect kitchen storage rack. Check it out!

It holds all of my supplements in two nifty drawers. I have them organized with the kid’s supplements on the top and mine and my husband’s on the bottom. I even still have room for my little basket to keep small objects such as eye drops.

The bottles are easy to see and it looks WAY better than pill bottles thrown all over my counter. For only $20 it is a pretty good deal!


I am sure there are many more ways to use this great organizer! It also comes in a gunmetal color if you don’t like bronze.

What storage and organizing tips do you have for your supplemts? I would love to hear more ideas in the comments below!

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