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current areas of interest

Hi readers!

I am always learning and looking for new ways to grow. Below are a few areas of interest I would love help with.

  • Supplements and supplement storage ideas
  • Indoor plants
  • Clothes my seven year old daughter will actually wear
  • Yoga mats
  • The best facial skin care products and how to use them regularly
  • The best lip moisturizer and techniques (mine are chronically try and peeling)
  • Keto or Bulletproof diet
  • Athletic Wear
  • Summer 2018 trends

If you are an expert in these areas please contact me. Let’s collaborate! Please email me at


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xoxo - Tiffani


  1. I’ve spent lots of time and money on supplements, but my three basics that I stick with are whey protein, creatine monohydrate (primarily for weight training, but it’s also great for brain health), and good ole fish oil. But I’m not an expert. 🙂

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