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the butter coffee trend

Who has heard of “butter” coffee? A few of my friends told me about it, but as they were trying to explain that, yes, you put BUTTER in your coffee, I just stared at them with a look of disbelief.


In my coffee?


Turns out, it is a real thing, and yes, it is really good!

After doing some research of my own, I discovered the health benefits to butter coffee, and why it is worth trying out. The real name for butter coffee is Bulletproof Coffee and it all started with the Bulletproof diet.

According to the Bulletproof Coffee website, “When you mix high-quality coffee beans with the right fats, you get an amazing drink that stomps on hunger and cravings, banishes brain fog, and helps you lose weight, build muscle, and increase focus and performance. All of this clean energy without the negative effects of caffeine and sugar crashes.”

My usual morning coffee routine consists of two-three cups with half & half, no sugar. I tend to get the jitters by 10:00 AM so I make sure I don’t drink any coffee after that time. I most definitely will get a caffeine crash around 11:00 and that is when I usually eat lunch to get some more energy back. By 2:00 PM I am ready for more coffee!

I decided to try butter coffee to see if I noticed any difference in the jitters or daily crashing. The Bulletproof Coffee website stresses the importance of following their exact recipe, using their pure ingredients, if you want it to really provide you the health benefits. Before ordering their products, I wanted to try this coffee myself, to make sure I could even tolerate it.

I found a simple enough recipe using coffee, 1 TBSP of Butter (try and get organic) and 1 TBSP of Coconut Oil.

You will need a Single Serve Blender such as the Ninja or NutriBullet. Trust me, you want to blend this coffee very well.

I measured how much coffee to make by first pouring into my cup and then into the Single Serve Blender.

Next, plop in the butter and coconut oil. Yes, trust me.

Now for the blending.

What is created, is a smooth, creamy, coffee drink that tastes really good! It is hot and frothy. No need for any cream or sugar.

After trying my easy recipe, I realized I don’t like the taste of strong coconut in my coffee. I have now started using a product I found at my local grocery store (HEB) called Ladybird Provisions Butter Coffee Bombs. They are easy to use and taste great!

After having butter coffee for a few weeks, I definitely notice the health benefits. I don’t get as jittery as before, and I am not crashing. I am full from my coffee and I don’t need to rush to eat lunch so soon, stretching lunch to later in the day around 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM. Also by 2:00 PM I am not craving coffee as I was before. I am down to maybe one to one and a half cups of butter coffee for my whole day!

I want to try the “real” Bulletproof Coffee and I plan to order their products soon. I will let you know if I can tell any difference.

My friend had a good idea of using an ice tray to pre-make her own butter bombs.

Who has tried butter coffee and what did you think? I would love to hear your stories below in the comments.

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    • Let me know what you think! I’ve learned today that buying MCT oil instead of Coconut oil will give it a better taste and function. I’m going to try that next.

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