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chatbooks – photo books for people who don’t have time to make photo books

I started using Chatbooks a few months ago and I LOVE them! I take a lot of pictures on my iPhone, but that’s where it ends. That’s where they stay. Forever locked in my phone, never printed, always forgotten. Some end up on my social media, but I never go back and look at them (unless they show up on my TimeHop or Memories).

What is going to happen when my kids are grown, and I am sitting around lonely and want to look back at memories of them growing up? Am I going to dig out my old dusty iPhone and scroll through years of pictures? Am I going to pull up Facebook or Instagram? Probably not!

Chatbooks is the solution! This wonderful App saves all of my pictures in a nifty little book. They are dated and organized. They are something I can easily store and keep to one day pull out and remember all of our precious memories. They are something I can show my son’s wife one day and say, “Look how cute he was!” Or even show my grandchildren how much they resemble their mom or dad.

The best thing about these books – I don’t have to MAKE them! All I have to do is open my Chatbooks App, choose my sixty pictures, and then they ship the book to me. It’s dated, its beautiful, and I can save it forever.

Watch this hilarious video from the Chatbooks website with the Chatbooks Real Mom (video will play on web browser, not in your email)

There are a few different types of Chatbooks.

The Instagram Series $10  – This will print your comment on the picture, such as if you wrote something like “Alex’s first track meet, the weather was wonderful.” This will show up under the picture as the caption.

The Facebook Series $10 – Similar to Instagram, it will print your pictures you upload into Facebook. You can still chose which pictures to include.

The Phone Photos Series $10 – This is the one I do. It doesn’t have comments, but it will still show the date and even the location of the photo. They hold sixty photos.

You can chose the Softcover 6×6 books starting at $10 with sixty photos or the Hardcover books starting at $20.

There are many more possibilities with Chatbooks. They have over  40 designer covers, you can chose either 6×6 or 8×8 with Full Page Images. You can even decide to design a Custom book starting at $15 that can hold up to 366 photos.

The possibilities are endless!

The App is very easy to use. See these example images below:

You can keep your account on a subscription, and every time you have sixty photos ready, it will notify you to finish your book and then it will ship. So easy!

Who else has tried Chatbooks? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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