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new favorites – Prospek blue light blocking glasses

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I have to admit my screen time each day is on the excessive side. Between working on my computer, checking my Iphone, and reading on my Kindle (and Iphone), I am always looking at a screen. Recently I began to notice that my eyes were beginning to give me trouble. They were becoming dry and red, tired and hard to open, and they even started twitching (yes super annoying).

Never having eye problems before in my life, I was puzzled and figured the allergies in the air must be giving me trouble. After finally researching my symptoms I discovered that my symptoms were not from allergies at all.

No, they were from too much screen time. And I’m not the only one having trouble.

Many people reported suffering from similar eye problems just like me. But what’s causing the symptoms?  What is it about the screen that makes our eyes hurt?

It’s the Blue Light.

Have you ever tanned in a tanning bed? Remember how you have to wear those funny goggles to protect your eyes from harmful light? It’s the same thing. Just like the tanning bed, you need to protect your eyes from the Blue Light being emitted from your screens.

Thankfully, the team at Spektrum recognized that we are probably not going to give up looking at screens any time soon, and they’ve created a solution.

Prospek Anti Blue Light and Glare Blocking glasses.

Watch this quick video from the Spektrum Website to learn more. (Be sure to open the blog post in your Web Browser, the video cannot be seen in your email).

Since receiving my glasses, I am adamant about wearing them during my screen time. And guess what?? My eyes are less dry, less irritated, and the twitching spasms have all but gone away. Wow, they worked!prospek

The glasses come in all different designs and colors. They are all super cute and trendy. They even make kid sizes.

When I first ordered my glasses from Amazon I ordered a size that was too big. I simply replied to Spektrum’s customer satisfaction email they had sent me and told them what happened. They refunded my purchase from Amazon, AND let me KEEP the glasses. The customer service is incredible, I was blown away.

Here are some of my favorite styles but there are many more:

prospek 2

PROSPEK – Premium Computer Glasses – Professional – Blue Light and Glare Blocking (Small +0.00) $39.95

prospek 3

PROSPEK – Premium Computer Glasses – Professional – Blue Light and Glare Blocking – Cat-Eyes $39.95

prospek 4

PROSPEK: Anti Blue Light Computer Glasses – Artist – Relieve Eyestrain and Protect Your Eyes $39.95

There are so many more styles, so be sure to check them out on Amazon.  Have you suffered from eye strain due to screen time? Ever tried these glasses? I would love to hear your feedback in the comments below.

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