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“The racing world is changing.” – Cars 3

My two sons, now ages nine and ten, grew up with Disney Pixar’s Cars franchise. We had all of the toys! The cars, the trucks, the tracks, the movies. It was no question that when we saw they were releasing Cars 3 this summer, we were excited.

And when I say we, I am not referring to my six year old daughter, who could care less about Lighting McQueen. I don’t think she even knew what Cars movie we were talking about.

After rushing to see the movie, I have to admit, I wish we would have saved our time, and money.

The new Cars 3 threequel features Lightening McQueen as a much older racer, and when the new younger cars join the track, he is quickly replaced. Forced to watch his friends retire, he begins to question his own future. When he meets his new racing trainer, Cruz Ramirez, he immediately fights her new modern approach to racing.

Lightening McQueen’s life changing journey was a little much for my youngsters to fully comprehend. As he is figuring out his life plans, the movie drags and drags from conversation to conversation. My biggest complaint of the film was the speed. The movie was super slow. All three of my kids continuously lost interest. My daughter not only lost interest, but was begging to leave.

That being said, my sons did say they enjoyed the film after it was over, rating it a seven out of ten. Additionally, the film portrayed a positive message that one should always pursue their dreams.

Unfortunately, I won’t be recommending this as a summer “must see”. I would save it for Pay-per-view or just skip it all together. Hopefully the Cars franchise will pick more relatable topics for children in their future endeavors.

Have you seen Cars 3? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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