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definitely have an Oscar Party

If you ask me, there is only one way to watch The Academy Awards, and that’s with a bunch of girlfriends, games, great food, and wine. Plus sweat pants and no makeup of course. This is my second year to attend an “Oscar Party” and I’ll never be able to watch The Academy Awards any other way.

Let’s be honest, the award show is extremely long and can get boring at times. Thankfully, there are fun games you can play with your friends to keep the excitement going all night. Below are a couple of examples.

Red Carpet Bingo

Red Carpet Bingo is super easy.  Before the Red Carpet begins, have everyone write down things you may see as the Stars begin to arrive. Examples are types of dresses, jewelry, or hair dos. The first person to get five gold stars in a row wins!

The Oscar Ballot

Print out an Oscar Ballot (these are easy to find Online) and have the guests predict the winners in each category. As you’re watching it is super fun to see who guessed correctly. The winner has the most correct answers at the end of the show.

Another amazing thing about attending an Oscar Party is the food. There are so many great “Oscar Themed” food ideas available Online. Here are some examples:

 Popcorn Bar – Complete with glitter gold popcorn buckets

Popcorn Bucket Cupcakes

Plus More Delicious Ideas 

And of course, the winners get super cute gifts:

So gather your best girls and get ready for a long night! Oscar parties run late but are so much fun. And when you know you are going to attend an Oscar Party, it gives you a little more motivation to actually watch all the movies that are nominated. 😉

Have you been to an Oscar Party? What are some of your ideas to add? Comment below!

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