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Le Tote – “Always have something new to wear.”

My new favorite way to get clothes and accessories is LeTote. Have you heard of it? Their motto is, “Always have something new to wear.” The process is so simple. Shop. Wear. Love it. Keep it. Exchange. (Scroll to the bottom for a chance to earn $25 off your first month!)

I started using LeTote last May and have been getting used to the process over the past few months. It is fairly simple. You subscribe to the service and pay a flat fee of $59 per month. (They also have a maternity box for $69 per month). Once subscribed you go online and complete a simple style profile and some preliminary measurements. Your stylist will compile a Tote for you consisting of three clothing items and two accessories. Once the Tote is ready, you can go online and accept it, OR, swap out the pieces with other ones that you may like better. You get your Tote and try everything on. Wear the items, love or hate the items, send them back, and immediately your next tote is ready to be styled! If you really love something you can keep it and pay a discounted price.

Ok, so let’s break this down a little more. On LeTote’s Website they have thousands of clothing and accessory pieces. You will want to go Online and “heart” things you like and these items will be added to “Your Closet.” This helps your stylist learn about your style a bit more.

When your Tote is ready you will be notified via email. The Tote will consist of five articles; three clothing pieces and two accessories. If you don’t like what your stylist chooses, you can swap them out with anything that is available. That way you know what is coming before it is shipped!

Below are some visuals for you to see some Totes in action:

Similar to Stich Fix, you will want to rate your Tote once you are ready to send it back. This helps the stylist prepare your next tote.

When I started with LeTote I was unsure at first because I didn’t see a lot of clothing items that matched my style. My first Tote was kind of a flop. However I stuck with it, and now I love every single box. I have even bought two things that I just had to keep. The brands are similar to those found at Nordstrom, Shopbop, Lord & Taylor, Nasty Gal, Piperlime, and Anthropologie.

The shipping is free both ways and incredibly fast. For $59 a month, I can easily get three to four Totes a month. This is an unlimited service, so you can get as many boxes as you can ship back and forth. That is a lot of clothes to wear in a month! You can also pause your membership or cancel at anytime.

Here are some tips to getting the most out of LeTote:

  1. Make sure to always rate your Totes and provide detailed comments on each article your receive.
  2. Be sure to go online often and add things to your closet. LeTote will email you when they get new arrivals. Go online and shop away!
  3. Wear you clothes and then send them back quickly. If you sit on your box for a month, then you paid $59 for one box. If you are staying on top of mailing your clothes back, you will get more out of the subscription.
  4. Try to pair items in your Totes together. I usually try to match the handbag and jewelry with the clothes they are sending. Or I try to layer an outfit, such as a dress, jacket or cardigan with coordinating necklace and handbag.

The entire outfit above is from one box. The Dress, Denim Jacket from Kut From The Kloth, Jessica Simpson Handbag, and the Earrings. Booties are from which I love, check them out too! I had a closing to attend for our new house, and I was happy I had a whole new outfit to wear. Afterwards I just mailed everything back without even cleaning it. Super easy!

All in all I really like the service and options I get from LeTote. If I had anything constructive to say, I would note that these are not new clothes. You are renting clothes that may have been already worn. LeTote handles all of the cleaning, so the clothes are clean, but I have gotten a few pieces that are a little too worn. Not really a big deal to me and it’s only happened on occasion.

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Have you tried LeTote? What did you think?

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