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Jay McLean and the More Than Series

The More Than Series by Jay McLean

The More Than series is a five book series by Jay McLean. The series consists of four love stories intermingled between a group of friends from high school to college. You can follow each couple as they meet, fall in love, and fight for their hearts’ truest desires.

The couples are all unique and they each have their own set of life obstacles to over come. Jake and Mikayla. Logan and Amanda. Cameron and Lucy. Dylan and Riley. Each character is written beautifully flawed and true to themselves. Their personalities separate them from the crowd, yet they all coexist in strong friendships that stand the tests of time.

I LOVE Jay McLean’s writing. There is something I can relate to in each book. While reading the series you feel every emotion, but my favorite is the new love and romance feels. So sweet.

More than This – Book One

“Because I’m your Jake,” he says, “and you’re my Kayla.”

More than Her – Book Two

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” Unless that someone is Logan Matthews.

More than Him – Book Three

“But now we’re back. And we’re fighting. Not just for us, or for each other, but for our light.”

More than Forever – Book Four

“Then I will love you, for our forever more.”

More than Enough – Book Five

“Because falling in love was easy. But sometimes, love isn’t enough.”

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Please leave your comments on this series! What is your favorite book in the series? Favorite couple? Which couple do you most relate to?

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  1. I loved the emotions in More Than This. I love Lucy and Cameron. Their conversations are hilarious! My favorite part is when Lucy talks about The Sea of Tranquility, one of my favorite books! Thanks so much for the chance at this great prize!! 🙂

  2. My favorite book is and will always be More Than This. 😍 I’m in love with both Jake and Mikayla. ☺️ the book expressed things about a relationship that are difficult to say out loud. Its just amazing. You learn From the book that things happen for a reason. That if a guy breaks your heart don’t work because something so much better will find its way to you. ❤️ “It’s just you. It’s only ever been just you. It will always only ever be just you.” ❤️

  3. Favorite Book is More Than Him because Chapter 10. Favorite Couple is Cam and Lucy because relationship goals. Couple that I relate the most is Logan and Amanda because emotions. I can’t form words.

  4. I so much more than like More than This. It was the first book in the series, the first book I read by Jay McLean, and the first book that annihilated me. Jake and Kayla gave me all the feels and I remember a massive book hangover. I literally still haven’t recovered from the whole series. Jay ruined me for all other authors. 🙂
    PS. Super glad I found your blog too!

  5. I LOVE this series. I’ve read all books and I’m chearing for Jay to write those Preston Brothers series ASAP! My favourite couple are Lucy and Cameron. The stuf that comes out of Lucy’s mouth – hilarious!!! And thruth to be told: Jay McLean is one of my go to authors. I love everything she writes. I have to add that I just found your blog and I love it. I’m a subscriber 🙂

  6. I love het books!!

    My favourite book is firste book More Than This, well, because it introduced me to one wonderfull writer Jay McLean. I can’t decide which couple is my favourite, but I must tell you that my favourite charachter is Logan. He’s just somerhing that words can’t describe. My relationship can relate to Lucy and Cam. I must say that I fell in love with all those boys: Dylan, Logan, Cam and Jake. They won my heart <3

    I whish I have Jay's books. Not just The More seria, but also Where the Road takes me and Kick Push, and all her other books 🙂

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