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“There is only war in love.”

This is my first Tarryn Fisher book, and…I loved it. F*uck Love is a modern story of loving and losing, and loving and losing. And loving and losing. And then maybe loving…

Helena is a young adult living in Florida. She thinks she has her whole life and self figured out already. Until one day a dream of a forbidden love changes everything. Suddenly everything she wants is off limits. Kit Isley. Her best friends boyfriend.

“The day I feel in love with you was the first day you found yourself. You weren’t even mine yet.” – Kit

“Timing is everything when you’re about to tell someone you dreamed him into your heart.” – Helena

Helena’s dream catapults her into months of self discovery and heartache. Friendships are tested, lives are changed, and true colors begin to appear.

“It’s funny what people don’t see.” – Helena

“Maybe this is how you feel when you find your place in the world.” – Helena

This is a short, easy, and entertaining read. I can’t wait to read more Tarryn Fisher. Her modern adult style is refreshing and relevant. #awesome #f*ucklove

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