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Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

If I could pause my life (like, freeze time except for myself) I would binge read all of Colleen Hoover’s books twice, and then un-pause life, and go on as a more fulfilled and happy human. I love love love Colleen Hoover. So it is no surprise that I am crazy about Maybe Someday.

Maybe Someday is a love story about two college students, Sydney and Ridge. Ridge is a loyal guitar player, and Sydney is a newly found writer. This is a tangled story of a forbidden love mixed with music lyrics and emotion. It is typical Colleen Hoover, and includes comedy, butterflies, and heartache.

“I assumed that maybe someday, when I was ready, things could have developed between us.” – Sydney

“It’s not so easy when you’re trying to win a war against the heart.” – Sydney

“Words can sometimes have a far greater effect on a heart than a kiss.” – Ridge

“I relax against her and listen to the sound of a voice for the very first time.” – Ridge

My favorite part of this book is how Colleen brought the story to life with Griffin Peterson and his album, Maybe Someday. All of the songs written by Ridge and Sydney are sung by Griffin, and you can actually hear the book. I strongly recommend buying this album to accompany the book. While you’re reading you can listen to the songs and cry your little heart out. And then after you finish the book, you can listen to the songs on repeat anytime you want.

Have you read Maybe Someday? What did you think?

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Maybe Not a Novella by Colleen Hoover

Maybe Not is a short read (160 pages) and accompanies Maybe Someday. Two of the characters in Maybe Someday, Warren and Bridgette, have a romance brewing of their own. Maybe Not is the story of their love connection from Warren’s perspective. Their relationship begins hot and steamy and Warren cannot figure Bridgette out. Will they live happily ever after? Or will Bridgette’s rough exterior be too hard for Warren to break.

“It has to be exhausting to respond to all aspects of life with so much anger.” – Warren

“Why does she have to be so damn mean? Mean girls are my weakness, and I think I just now figured that out.” – Warren

This is a really quick read and filled in pieces missing from Maybe Someday. It is read from Warren, so it is definitely for mature audiences only.

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  1. You know I’m a CoHo fan and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Maybe Someday. The music is such a great companion. What’s your next Colleen read?? Confess?

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