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beautiful custom curtains by lush livings

When we moved into our new home last year we fell in love with our large sliding glass door in our living room. It opened up the entire living space right into the outdoor living, providing natural light and a great view. After living in the house for about a year, we realized there were times we wished we could block out the light and close off the space. We knew we needed something durable that could withstand dogs, cats, and kids; so sliding blinds were out. After a bit of research, I discovered custom curtains were our best option.

I always try to start locally when I have a new project so I turned to Google. My first choice was Lush Livings so I gave it a shot. And let me just say, I totally lucked out!

Swarna, the owner of Lush Livings, was amazing. She provided a free consultation in my home where she presented me with ideas, fabric options, and small details such as brackets, rods, and hooks. Once she left I had a detailed quote within a day. After waiting for about two weeks for my curtains to be made, she was back at my house with a professional installer to hang my curtains for me. The entire process was so easy and the curtains turned out perfect. Very reasonably priced too.

After meeting Swarna and learning more about her, I was very intrigued with how she started her business. As her young family grew, her and her husband used to move to new cities for job prospects in engineering. Each time they moved, her favorite part was getting to decorate her new home. Since they were on a tight budget, she would take advantage of her trips to India to visit family, and have her curtains or bedding custom made there. By doing this, she developed multiple relationships in this industry. In 2010, she decided to leverage her contacts in India to help her start a business in the US. She was able to source both fabrics and labor from India to provide custom products at reasonable pricing.

Lush Livings is primarily an e-commerce business so there is not a store front in Austin. However, she can provide in-home design consultations and curtain installations for clients near the Cedar Park, TX area. You can find Lush Livings on Etsy as well. Opening the Etsy shop enabled her to sell curtains worldwide. She has shipped custom curtains and pillows to Europe,  Australia, and Canada. In October of 2014, she decided to open a shop in her hometown, India, which helps her to provide quality checks on every product. In 2015, Swarna was able to quit her day job as an engineer and become a full time entrepreneur.

The fabrics offered by Lush Livings are gorgeous! Most of them are sourced from India but she also has relationships with some local US companies to insure a variety of choices. All of the vendors/fabric collections are hand picked by her to ensure the upmost quality and unique selections. You won’t find any of their fabrics in the local market.

“Every fabric is handpicked by me based on the trends and feedback from clients on what they are looking for. We want our products to last for a long time – hence we don’t compromise on the quality of the fabric or how the products is finished. We also try to go the extra mile to make sure our customers love what they are getting because it’s the positive feedback that motivates us to do better.” – Swarna @ Lush Livings

Other services from Lush Livings include Rugs, Ready-made Drapery Panels, Designer Pillows, Blinds and Woven Shades, and Custom Headboards, Bedding (Duvet covers & shams, Bed skirts and throws).

Lush Livings primarily uses Surya Rugs as a dealer, however, she has a new relationship with a rug company in India and can now provide custom rugs. The client can pick the color scheme and pattern and the rug can be made for them.

Below are some more examples of custom products made by Lush Livings.

If you have a home project for curtains, pillows, or rugs; I urge you to try Lush Livings. You won’t be disappointed. The fabrics are of the upmost quality, just gorgeous! The custom sewing completely blew me away. It’s hard to find products of good quality anywhere these days, and Lush Livings delivers quality.

You can find Lush Livings on her Website here. She is also on Facebook and Etsy. Check them out!

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  1. I used Lush Livings for all my curtains and blinds in my home in North texas. Quality was great, service was great. Awesome find on etsy

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