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“A king always protects his home .”- Norm of the North

We took our three kids, ages five, seven and eight, to see Norm of the North this past week. We weren’t sure what to expect because there hasn’t been a lot of media coverage on this film. To my surprise, the kids seemed to really enjoy it.

Norm of the North is a polar bear from the Arctic. When a money hungry land developer threatens to turn his Artic home into a neighborhood, Norm must travel to New York City to stop him. Norm can talk to humans by the way.

This movie teaches multiple lessons including land preservation, saving and protecting our wildlife, family values, and being true to oneself. The lemmings provide the comic relief and seem to have a lot of fun with bodily functions, which the kids loved.

I have to admit, during the movie my husband and I both lost interest. There was some sly adult humor but not enough to keep us intrigued. Luckily, the kids enjoyed the movie and they all had some good laughs. I think it’s worth seeing in the theater, but I’m not sure how it can compete with Kung Fu Panda 3 which releases today.

Have you seen Norm of the North? What did you or the kids think?

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