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Just before Christmas I was able to attend a Noonday Collection trunk show at one of my neighbors houses. I immediately feel in love with the products. However, it wasn’t until I met the owner of the company, Jessica Honegger, that I was truly inspired.

Noonday Collection is one of those amazing companies that was built with heart and the idea of bettering our world. In 2010 Jessica was in desperate need of funds to adopt from Rwanda. She met Jalia and Daniel, jewelry designers from Uganda, and brought their jewelry home to sell to friends and family to raise money for her adoption. Her first trunk show was a huge success and she began to think bigger.

Noonday was born and today is a thriving business helping women and families around the world. According to their Website: “We now partner with 30 artisan businesses in 13 countries. Together we are creating opportunity for more than 2,000 Artisans, impacting 8,800 family members.”

Please check out the Noonday Collection Website. It has remarkable information on how the products are made, who makes them, and inspiring stories of the lives that have been forever changed.

Noonday offers gorgeous products such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and even accessories. You can check out the products online here. You are also able to become an Ambassador of Noonday, or host a Trunk Show. In addition Noonday supports adoptive families giving 10% of their trunk show profits to help families bring their children home.

For more information you can contact my Ambassador Krista Box. You can find her on Facebook and more information by clicking these links:

Facebook    Website

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