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what you’ll see at the silos @ Magnolia Market

The week of Christmas I took my first trip to the Silos at Magnolia Market. If you love HGTV’s Fixer Upper and Chip and Joanna Gaines, then you are probably dying to visit the new Silos in Waco, TX. Read below for your inside peek at what you’ll see when you get there.

The Silos make a PERFECT day trip for the family or the girls. Grab your mom, sister, daughter, girlfriends; and head out to Waco, TX for a day of shopping, taking pictures, and enjoying the outdoors.

No detail has been overlooked at the Silos. The renovation, architecture, atmosphere, and products are top notch and absolutely perfect. Here is what you can expect to see!

The Food Trucks and Eating Area

The food trucks at Magnolia Market offer plenty of options for coffee, juice, and lunch. They mostly opened around 11:00 AM when we were there. By about 2:00 PM or so, it seemed that most of the trucks were sold out for lunch, so get your food quickly! Granted, we did go the week of Christmas and it was very crowded. Despite there being a lot of people there, it was still very comfortable. There is a large area with plenty of picnic tables to sit and eat.

The Turf Field and The Silos

There is a large turf grass field in the middle of the courtyard by the picnic tables. (No pets allowed on the turf by the way). This is a great spot for the kids to play! When we were there this area was full of dads and kids running around. I am assuming this was happening while the mom’s were shopping inside the market.

The Silos are huge and very impressive. You cannot go inside them but their grand presence is outstanding. According to the Magnolia Website, they will soon be opening the Magnolia Bakery and Magnolia Flour. I can’t wait to see the Silo’s in action and try some of Joanna’s baking recipes!

Inside the Market

Inside the Magnolia Market you will find all of the amazing home décor products to purchase. They have everything from bath, kitchen, gardening, wall décor, and knick knacks. Additionally they have plenty of Magnolia swag items to purchase including t-shirts and even Joanna’s favorite jewelry. I definitely need to go back with some rooms in mind to shop for. All of the products were gorgeous and also reasonably priced. You can shop online too, just click here.

The Photo Opps

While wondering around the grounds at the Silos you will see tons of picture-perfect photo opportunities. If you have a “real” camera then bring it with you! If not, be sure to have your phone camera ready for some great shots. When we first arrived we spent our first hour just walking around snapping pictures. These are a few I took of my daughter and her bestie. The unique design of the grounds provides multiple backdrops for photography enthusiasts.

The Garden Section

The Garden Section of the Silos has beautiful vegetable gardens. I only wish I could grow a garden as pretty as these. They make the veggies look like flowers. There is also a wooden Tee Pee reading corner for the kids with cute mushroom pedestals. When we were there a local vendor was selling honey, veggies, and nuts as well.

For the Holidays

The Magnolia Market was definitely in the Holiday spirit! The back of the market had a huge room with plenty of unique Holiday décor. We didn’t go on the weekend, but if you attend on a Saturday you can see Santa himself. I loved the red jeep with the authentic Christmas tree on top.

So who has been to the Silos? What did you think? I am already planning my next trip!

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  1. I <3 Fixer Upper! We stopped by the Silos the Saturday after Thanksgiving and it was a madhouse and raining, so I didn't get to explore as much as I'd like. Thanks for the tour. I definitely need to go back. ROAD TRIP!!

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