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“Love keeps no record of wrongs.”

The Lake House by Kate Morton is truly a remarkable work of fiction. Morton blends historical and present fiction so effortlessly to tell an amazing story of seemingly untied characters.

There is a mystery to be solved at the lake house. A mysterious disappearance of a little boy in 1933 plagues the family seventy years later. A young detective in the present 2003, Sadie, who has demons of her own accord, is drawn by this cold case and feels drawn to unravel the truth of the boy’s disappearance.

The Lake House is full of meaningful messages. The one I loved the most is how balance and order in the world always has a way of working itself out, no matter how much time passes. Eventually balance is restored.

“It proved that good things could come from bad if the right conditions were applied.”

“The world was a place of balance and natural justice; there was always a price to pay, and it was too late now to shut the door.”

“Life was like that, doors of possibility constantly opening and closing as one blindly made one’s way through.”

The Lake House is a long book, and I would categorize it in the advanced reader realm. The language is long and complex. It is not a fast read! There were times when I was confused and lost and I almost even gave up. That being said, now that I have finished the book, I want to read it again because it all makes perfect sense now. And the ending is so worth the read. I would describe the emotion as tearful joy. Really, such a good book!

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Have you read The Lake House? Please tell me what you thought! If you are looking for an advanced read to really get your mind working, try this book next. Love it!

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