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“If you ain’t scared, you ain’t alive.” – The Good Dinosaur

We took the whole family to see The Good Dinosaur over Thanksgiving break. I wasn’t really sure what to expect with this movie. I am normally not a fan of dinosaur movies in general because they tend to be scary and/or highly emotional. That being said, this movie proved to be a lot of the same.

The story line is cute and original, as are the characters. Thank goodness for Spot, the cave-kid, he saves the movie by providing some much needed comic relief.

Arlo, the main dinosaur, suffers a tragic loss in the movie. It is very emotional for the kids to watch. He then gets lost and him and Spot have to fight their way back home. During their very long trip, they experience dangerous carnivorous dinosaurs, raging floods, and other scary situations.

While the animation and limited dialogue was visually aesthetic and creative, the movie wasn’t our favorite. My boys, ages 7 and 8, were extremely restless and bored. My five year old daughter was literally crying and asking to leave the whole second half of the movie.

So if I were you, I would spend my movie day seeing The Peanuts Movie this Thanksgiving break and wait for The Good Dinosaur to hit DVD. Have you seen it yet? What did you think?

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