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wardrobe staging – my time saving technique

For me putting together outfits is not an easy task. I can’t just dig through my closet and throw things together that magically look fashion blog perfect. Nope! Not me! I really have to work at organizing and strategizing my closet to get any sort of outfit put together. The thing I found that works best for me is wardrobe staging.

When I have any upcoming event scheduled, such as a vacation, I bring out my Wardrobe Rack and start to stage my outfits. I am a very visual person, and I feel like my outfits get lost in my closet. When I hang them all together on the rack, I can begin to see them clearly. This allows me to figure out what key pieces I’m missing and may need to purchase before my event.

In addition, once I am ready to pack, I simply pull the items off the rack, with the hangers, and just fold them over into my suitcase. When I arrive at my destination I pull the hangers out and simply hang them in a closet. Voila! Vacation wardrobe staged and ready to go.

This is also a great idea for a work week wardrobe. That way Monday morning you already have a go to outfit right there in your weekly staging. I even hang my accessories and jewelry on the hangers so I don’t have to plan that either. This saves so much time! Especially for busy Mom’s who are trying to get themselves together while also handling the entire house. No time to decide what to wear while rushing to finish homework and make lunches!

These easy to assemble racks are very inexpensive and require no tools to put them together. You can pick up one at Target or Wal Mart for $10. They have so many uses! Once you are finished with your rack, it’s very easy to disassemble and store away.

I’m headed to Cape Cod in a few days, and this Fall weather wardrobe is staged! I would love to hear your feedback in the comments. I hope this technique will help you too!

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