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must have fall hair – the messy bob

I’m loving the messy bob this fall! Below is my go to video on how to achieve this look. Open up the blog to see the full video or the link is here. I love all of Mindy Mae’s Market tutorials. Check them out on her site!

Unlike Mindy my hair does not hold curl well. I found starting with a mousse while my hair is damp really helps. I use It’s a Ten Miracle Styling Mousse. Add a small amount in your hands and smooth evenly through towel dried hair. Blow dry as usual with a paddle brush.

To finish off my look I use Blow Pro Textstyle Dry Texture Spray. This gives it that messy look but also holds the style. I spray evenly through my curls and then scrunch them to activate the texture spray.

I’ve also seen that getting this look with two or three day hair is best. When starting with dirty hair use a Dry Shampoo before curling. My favorite is It’s a Ten Miracle Dry Shampoo & Conditioner in One.

I hope this routine helps you too! Let me know what you think below.

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